22 December 2015

Late fall broadcasts in photos

After being unsure of what (if!) my schedule would look like after college soccer conference championships on Nov. 8, I was fortunate enough to stay busy into the first weekend of December.

While running here, there, and everywhere to call three different sports, I found time to snap a picture or two to remember it all by:
A soccer field nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains …… our home for the weekend at Appalachian State.

Clearly, one of us is more comfortable in cold weather.With my new friend and partner, Eddie Rodriguez.

Happened to be in Oklahoma right before the Bedlam football game.Also got to see Historic Gallagher-Iba Arena.

My actual work was at Reynolds Center, always a house of horrors for Rice.But it treated Bryndon Manzer and me just fine.

In December, I enjoyed the scene at Georgia Southern.Not that Vonnie Holliday and I weren't hard at work.

Taking selfies …… and enjoying a great atmosphere in a budding rivalry

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  1. Watched you and Vonnie call the GSU vs Ga. Southern game, you did a great job.