19 March 2016

Wow! Red Bulls come back for thrilling 4-3 win in MLS play

It may not always have been the prettiest game, but there was no arguing with the quality of the entertainment or the final two goals in a wildly entertaining MLS game that I got to call on Saturday night.

With the two MLS teams I know best going head-to-head, it was a special night for my first actually televised game at Red Bull Arena. I had done MSG broadcasts of road games, and I had called the Red Bulls on internet video streams, internet radio, and old-school radio, but never out-and-out TV. What a treat!

(Side note: I also realized this was my 200th MLS game seen in person - 183 regular season, 17 playoffs. Not bad!)

Besides the seven goals and some of the close calls, there was the additional storyline of the Red Bulls losing three players during the game with hamstring injuries, all while trying to get their first win of the season. Houston set an MLS record for most goals scored in the first three games of the season (11), but still blew a pair of second-half leads!

An incredible night, and Shep Messing, Tina Cervasio, and I had a great time calling the game. Here's the quick version:

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